Host or Lead a Group

We encourage everyone to leverage their spiritual gifts, interests, and hobbies for God’s Kingdom. A great way to get started is by hosting or leading an Echo group — a welcoming space for people grown in their faith and build friendships with others!

The Difference between a Host and a Leader

Hosts are volunteers who facilitate a conversation around the Sunday message but have not yet completed the leadership qualifications to be endorsed by Echo. Leaders are volunteers who meet Echo’s leadership qualifications and are trained and endorsed by Echo staff.

How to Host a Group

Engaging in meaningful discussions while sharing a common interest is a great way to grow spiritually and connect with others. As a host, you’ll identify a common hobby (i.e. basketball, cooking, hiking, etc.) and facilitate a conversation around the Sunday message using the Talk It Over guide.

Attend a Sunday service online or in-person.


Use the Talk it Over guide to discuss the message with your group.


Facilitate conversation and help those in your group connect with each other.

How to Lead a Group

Leading others to passionately follow Jesus is one of the most fulfilling parts of being a Christ-follower. As a group leader, you’ll faciliate or teach Bible-based content to help people deepen their faith and grow in their spiritual practices.

Choose an Audience

audience selections

Choose the type of person for which your group is intended.

Select a Curriculum

Select a curriculum on RightNow Media – a vast online library of videos and study guides.

Lead the Discussion

Lead the conversation to help your group build understanding around the topic.

Application Process


Tell us a bit about yourself and your group idea.


We’ll call you to chat about your questions and application.


We’ll run a background check, a required part of ensuring community safety.



Feel free to reach out at

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