Echo Church Apprenticeship

Job Description

The vast majority of the apprentice’s experience will be defined by the individual’s ministry field (e.g. pastoral ministry, student ministry, guest services, etc.). Each job description is written by the individual ministry coach. 

  • The methodology of the apprenticeship is in an “observe and own” model as they work in close proximity with a staff member. Apprentices will observe what a staff member does (i.e. their personal ministry coach) while being handed ownership over some aspect(s) of the particular ministry they have been placed in.
  • The hour expectation of Apprentices is about 15 hours a week.

The apprentice will also have Echo.Church ministerial duties such as:

  • Praying and giving spiritual advice for others
  • Leading others to worship by helping them serve with their gifts
  • Teaching and leading groups
  • Sharing the Gospel message with clarity
  • Teaching, instructing, or organizing religious initiatives
  • Performing baptisms, serving communion, performing wedding ceremonies and funerals.

Further Details

  • Applications for a small stipend are available.
  • Biblical studies classes will be provided through Fuller Seminary.