A conversation guide for small groups & personal growth

Whether it’s debating between high fives or fist bumps, or deciding how to respond to intense social media comments, if there’s anything this past year has shown us… it’s that relationships aren’t easy.

How can we deal with conflict in a healthy way? What does it look like to interact authentically with people? How do we cultivate strong friendships in this new reality we’re living in?

A Better Way of Relating

Dealing With Difficult People

When Someone Hurts You

OCT 10
Disagreeing Without Cancelling

This Summer, pick & choose from this list as a springboard for fun/meaningful conversations and interaction with your group!

Summer Talk-It-Over Conversation Starters

There’s something within all of us that wants to make things better.

In a world that is hurting, broken, and divided, how can we leverage the influence each of us has to make a difference? How do we best share the message of hope with those around us?

MAY 17
3 Enemies Of Influence

Most questions can be answered with just a couple clicks. But what about the deeper questions of life, faith and meaning?

Over the last month, we’ve asked you to submit your biggest questions and vote on the ones that mattered most. Now’s the time to get some answers!

APR 11
How Do You Know God’s Will For Your Life?

APR 18
Can I Believe In Both Creation And Evolution?

APR 25
Is Jesus Really the Only Way to God?

How to Stay Healthy in Difficult Times


The pressures of this past year, including a global pandemic, has brought out many hard truths about our character: the good, bad, and ugly. Many of us have experienced loss, division, or perhaps are holding onto unforgiveness. But there is a path towards freedom, by accepting the greatest gift we could ever receive.

A New Kind of Alive

It doesn’t take much to see that we live in a world of “more.” We’re driven by an endless hunger that pervades our shopping carts, subscriptions, and our schedules. But it never seems to satisfy.

If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, overcrowded, and overspent… there is another way.

So Much Content, So Little Contentment

MAR 14
When Feeling Good Isn't Good Enough

MAR 21
The Endless To-Do-List

MAR 28
Is It Better to Have Less or More?

Ever look around a room and feel like you don’t belong? When self-doubt hinders you, it can haunt you no matter where you go or how far up you climb. 

We learn from the successes and failures of four historical characters from the Bible – and finally learn to own who you truly are.

Conquer insecurity. Defeat self-doubt. Live with bold confidence.

JAN 31
2 Important Truths to Transform Your Confidence

It’s Time to Stop Hiding!

FEB 14
Don’t Despise Desperate Times

FEB 21
Conquer the Lies in Your Mind

FEB 28
Live As Who You REALLY Are

What’s been the biggest problem you’ve faced this year?

It seems like 2020 has brought problems at a rate that we could hardly handle.

Whatever your biggest problem was or is, join us as we hear from Pastor Andy on how to shift our perspective as the biggest leverage in solving any challenge.

DEC 27
When Your Problem
Seems Too Big...

Endless errands, back-to-back meetings, overwhelming obligations. Though our daily routines look different in 2020, most of us still can’t seem to escape the culture of busyness. How can we unlock the gift of slowing down this holiday season?

Why Am I
STILL So Busy?

Make an impact for 2021

(Not So)
Little Things

NOV 16
Money Matters

NOV 23
In Need
of a Miracle?

NOV 29
the Future

As we approach the upcoming U.S. elections, the world is divided on countless issues. It can be easy to feel confused, frustrated, and discouraged about how to navigate the complexities & conflicts.

OCT 11
Without Dividing

OCT 18
(Gender Identity,
Sexuality, & Christianity)

OCT 25
Beneath the Skin:
Racism & Faith

Let's Talk About

You are designed for connection, but this season certainly has made it harder to connect. If you have recently felt puzzled or defeated by your relationships, you are not alone!

September 13: Relationship playbook - Week 1

September 20: Relationship playbook - Week 2

September 27: Relationship playbook - Week 3

October 4: Relationship playbook - Week 4

Life looks different, but our calling remains the same. In a continually changing world, it can be difficult to stay grounded. How do we focus on what God is asking us to do in the midst of so much uncertainty? Move forward with us in bold faith as we explore how God designed our lives to echo.

August 2: How to Echo - Week 1

August 9: How to Echo - Week 2

August 16: How to Echo - Week 3

August 23: How to Echo - Week 4

August 30: How to Echo - Week 5

September 6: Compassion Sunday

The global COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the way we work, play, and live – often leaving us disoriented and stressed. The Hope Project is an invitation into a 40-day journey designed to bring hope for a new beginning and a stronger future. 

June 14: Hope Project - Week 1

June 21: Hope Project - Week 2

June 27: Hope Project - Week 3

July 5: Hope Project - Week 4

July 12: Hope Project - Week 5

July 19: Hope Project - Week 6

July 26: Hope Project - Week 7

Everyone is being changed by COVID-19, but not all of those changes are good. The pressure has a way of revealing what is already under the surface, but you can come out of this better than you went in. Build new patterns on how to come through this pandemic with no regrets.

Week 1: What Am I Fighting For?

Week 2: Who Am I Becoming?

Week 3: What's your foundation?

Week 4: Relationships



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