What to Expect


Echo.Church currently gathers online on Sundays and in virtual small groups during the week. Echo welcomes people of all walks of life and backgrounds. Whether you are exploring faith or looking for inspiration for growing your relationship with God, you are welcome.

What’s the online experience like?

What’s the in-person experience like? 

Weekend Experience

When you come to one of our campuses on a Sunday, you’ll be warmly welcomed by our greeters, who are there to serve you. After picking up your free coffee, you are welcome to drop off your kids at EchoKIDS, where they’ll have a blast with our trained volunteers. As you enter the auditorium, you’ll hear upbeat music and an inspiring and practical message from one of our pastors. The typical service lasts about 65 minutes. Don’t forget to head over to The HUB afterwards to pick up your free gift, just as a way of us saying thank you for coming!  


Activate is about you and the environments we design at Echo.Church that can lead you to discover your purpose, develop friendships, and make a difference. Activate is a free dinner experience that occurs every 4-6 weeks where we can get to know you and give you a glimpse of what being connected at Echo.Church is all about. More info

Echo Groups

We place high value on small group environments where spiritual formation can happen in the context of friendship and shared interests. We believe that this is the best way to connect, grow, and serve while building community. More info

Echo Families

We work hard to create age-appropriate environments where the family and the church systems work together to invest in and equip the next generation. We believe that the partnership between the home and the church makes the greatest impact in a child’s life. We have two primary Ministries: EchoKids (for children 6 weeks – 5th grade) and Echo Students (for students 6th – 12th grade). More info

Echo Missions

We believe that we exist in order to show the love of God to those around us, which means we are very intentional with creating opportunities for you to use your talents, time, and resources to serve our community, country, and places around the world. More info