Missions: Global Compassion

We support partners around the world in their efforts to serve communities in need, while echoing the love of Jesus in different cultural contexts. Learn below about ways to get involved in trips, advocacy, or prayer.

Mission Trips

Below are trips we are planning in 2023. Exact dates and costs may change based on available airfare.


Dates: Mar 20–30, 2023
Cost per Person: $3,000
Application Deadline: Jan 31, 2023

With Pastor Philip and the Kapilya Pag-asa Church leadership team, we will participate in feeding programs for local families and street children, pray over patients in local hospitals and prisons, and participate in youth programs and Sunday service. We will also work with Pastor Billy Lapuz in Anunas to support the building of a new children's center.


Dates: June 2023
Cost per Person: $3,500
Application Deadline: Apr 30, 2023

We will connect with our Bali partners to learn more about their efforts to serve children and families in poverty while teaching them the love of Jesus, as well as their long-term compassion ministry that starts with helping street children.


Dates: May 10–21, 2023
Cost per Person: $5,000
Application Deadline: Feb 1, 2023

We will serve with Hope Endeavors — a ministry bringing hope to orphaned and vulnerable children suffering in extreme poverty and affected by HIV/AIDS. This community-led organization will teach us so much about following Jesus by serving those in need through hope-giving partnerships and projects!


Dates: Jun 23–30, 2023
Cost per Person: $950
Application Deadline: Mar 15, 2023

Pastor Antonio Hernandez runs a drug rehab for men, women, and youth and leads a church in Baja California, Mexico. We will work alongside him and his family to give food to the community, connect with the rehab facility, and help run programs for the children.


Dates: June 14–22, 2023
Cost per Person: $3,500
Application Deadline: CLOSED (trip is full)

Come serve local partners from poverty-stricken areas in Brazil’s northwest regions. These churches host Compassion projects with more than 700 kids! You will also have a chance to interact with our artisan partnership in-country.

France (Paris)

Dates: March 24 – April 03, 2023
Cost per Person: $2,200
Application Deadline: Jan 21, 2023

We will partner with My Gospel Church in reaching French people to know Jesus engaging them in a gospel choir. We will learn about leadership, evangelism, and discipleship from this amazing ministry!


Dates: Oct 2023
Cost per Person: $3,500
Application Deadline: Jul 30, 2023

Come see where Jesus walked, experience the geography and see the Bible in a whole new light!


Echo Compassion supports global missionaries, organizations, and pastors that align with our vision and emphasize Kingdom impact — serving the marginalized, loving those in need, and sharing the story of Jesus.

Andy Worcester

Andy’s primary goal has been to church plant in Taiwan. The focus is to engage the younger generation through recreational clubs, YouTube, and other efforts. Ideally, Andy would train up local pastors and continue to plant churches every few years, releasing nationals to pastor their own communities.

Pastor Nazareno Marciel

Baptist Church in Sitios Novos

Helps local churches from poor areas of Brazil’s northwest regions. These churches host Compassion projects with more than 700 kids. Through this partnership, we’ve had the opportunity to help build a local church and provide relief efforts during COVD.

Pastor Billy Lapuz

Jesus is Lord Global Ministries

JILGM is ministering to families and street children in the province of Pampanga. They also have a feeding program for about 30 to 50 children. Pastor Billy’s focus is to disciple, develop leaders, and hopes to plant other churches in the region in the future.

Wings International

Working in SE Asia (India, Myanmar, Indonesia, Nepal) to house and meet the needs of street children while teaching them about Jesus. Also meeting other primary needs such as water issues, food distribution, and housing for the unhoused as able. Training and supporting nationals to do the work in their own countries and communities to become self-sufficient.
SE Asia

Pastor Mathieu Koumarianos

Paris Gospel and My Gospel Church

Gospel music is very popular in French culture. Paris Gospel leverages this to create an environment where people can find community while participating in a hobby they enjoy, all the while being exposed to the gospel of Jesus and then being invited to My Gospel Church. Pastor Mathieu’s team is very intentional with connecting with nonbelievers and creating meaningful relationships that will draw them to God.

Pastor Antonio Hernandez

Comunidad Cristiana Jireh and Rehab Centers

Pastor Antonio runs a drug rehab for men, women, and youth as young as 11 years of age. His centers have a feeding program that serves approximately 170 people. Many of the people he helps through the rehab center are not welcomed back into the local churches. Building a church will allow those who complete the program and make the decision to follow Jesus to find a church home. With this partnership, we have been able to send teams to help build some of their facilities and connect with the community through food programs and VBS for the kids.

Pastor Philip Malicdem

Kapilya Pag-asa (Hope Church)

In addition to Sunday services, Kapilya Pag-asa is dedicated to outreach and loving their neighbors through feeding programs for families and for several street children in the area. They also minister to the sick by visiting patients at local hospitals, prisoners in local prisons, and the poor in the area. They have a livelihood program that pairs mothers/women learning to sew tote bags with youth that help to paint or design the tote bags to be sold.


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