Audition for Echo Worship

Coplete this form to start the process of applying to join the Echo Worship team.

You must submit an audition video to be considered for a role on the worship team.

We’ve provided two files for each song listed below:

  • Demo: Use this file to learn the song
  • Click Track: Use this file to record your performance

In your video, cover the main parts/lines of the song, and do your best to sound as close as the demo. We must be able to:

  • Hear the click track, the track audio, and your instrument and/or voice.
  • Clearly see your face, instruments, and fingers

Vocalists: Make sure you record in a quiet environment, where you can project your voice and clearly be heard. You have two key options per song — the original key and a lower one. We encourage you to attempt the original, but want you to choose which one fits you best.

How to Create Your Audition Video

  1. Choose a song listed for the role for which you are auditioning.
  2. Download the demo and click track.
  3. Use a phone or computer to play the track audio (with the click and guide) and another device to record your video.
  4. Upload your recording to YouTube as an unlisted video.
  5. Copy the link and paste it into your application.

Get More Information

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