Your health and safety is of our utmost priority.
As we reintroduce in-person experiences in incremental phases, we are carefully and thoughtfully designing them to help you stay connected in community in the safest ways possible, including:
  1. Discerning health and safety guidelines in accordance with the latest county and public health agency guidelines.
  2. Taking extra precautions to ensure guests feel safe, valued, and cared for, such as having masks and hand sanitation stations available.
  3. Offering digital contactless alternatives to physical connection cards and programs.

Religious rituals

However, according to the religious exemption in the latest Santa Clara County guidelines and Alameda County guidelines, “Participants in indoor religious gatherings may remove their face coverings for the limited duration necessary to participate in religious rituals.”

If you have a fever or are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home.

Questions? Feel free to contact your campus pastor.

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