Apr 26 2024
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7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

TikTok Theology

Join us for a fun conversation with Dan Kimball as he unpacks the theology of sexuality coming out of TikTok posts all around the world.

The rising generation is flooded with social media messages that challenge the historical Christian beliefs about sexuality, but how much of it is true or false?

By showing real TikTok arguments, which are often confusing and convincing, and unpacking proper ways to interpret the Bible, Dan will help us gain confidence on what is from God and what is not.

Who is this for? Students (and their parents), young adults (18-25 years old), and young professionals (25-35 years old).

Some of the “arguments” addressed:

  • Jesus never mentioned homosexuality, so why do we make it such a big issue?
  • The word homosexual was never in the Bible and was added in 1946.
  • When the New Testament talked about same-sex relationships, it wasn’t talking about the consensual committed ones like we have today.
  • If you really believe in “biblical marriage,” you should then also believe in polygamy, concubines, and having harems.
  • Just like we used to use the Bible to support slavery and then realized we were wrong, we are now using the Bible to oppose homosexuality and learn we are also wrong.


Echo.Church – North San Jose
1180 Murphy Ave., San Jose, CA 95131

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6:30 pm
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7:00 pm
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Echo.Church – North San Jose
1180 Murphy Ave., San Jose, CA 95131

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