There’s something within all of us that wants to make things better.

In a world that is hurting, broken, and divided, how can we leverage the influence each of us has to make a difference? How do we best share the message of hope with those around us?

Below is a collection of resources from our series, The Art of Influence, as well as other related resources.

We encourage you to use them to ask God to show you how He uniquely wants to use YOU to impact others.

3 Enemies Of Influence
The Art of Influence (Pt. 1) | May 16, 2021 | Andy Wood

Watch this message from Pastor Andy Wood on how to overcome 3 common enemies of influence and instead wield the influence you’ve been given to make a lasting impact – wherever you are. 

Use the guide below to write down names of 3 people where you live, work, and play. Then use one of the 10 Simple Ways to Make a Difference to practically show love to them this coming week.

The Truth About Influencing The World
The Art of Influence (Pt. 2) | May 23, 2021 | Hosanna Wong

Have you ever had something so good you couldn’t help but share about it? Maybe it’s a movie you watched, a restaurant you went to, or a fun trip you went on. But when it comes to something as significant as what we believe… why does it become so hard to share?

Tune in as special guest speaker Hosanna Wong uncovers the truth about how to be a REAL influence to people all around us, wherever we are.

One of the most powerful ways we can partner with God is through prayer. Below is a Prayer Guide that you can use to ask God to bless specific people in your life, whether at home, work, or elsewhere. You can also print it out and incorporate it into your regular prayer routine.

The Power of Preparation
The Art of Influence (Pt. 3) | May 30, 2021 | Filipe Santos

When was the last time you felt deeply loved and appreciated?

Did you know that increasing our influence is directly tied with how we love and value people? We are called to love each other, and how we set the table and make room for others matters.

Watch this message by Pastor Filipe Santos as we explore how to prepare ourselves and our environments to influence others – both collectively and individually.

Here is a free resource based on the message. Take some time and use it to reflect on practical ways you can “set the table” for others.

Hospitality Starts at Home
For Our Neighbor (Pt. 1) | 2018 | Andy Wood

Actions Speak Louder
For Our Neighbor (Pt. 2) | 2018 | Andy Wood

Finding Common Ground
For Our Neighbor (Pt. 3) | 2018 | Filipe Santos

How Will You Be Known?
For Our Neighbor (Pt. 4) | 2018 | Philip Pattison


How to Share Your Faith At Work (Or Anywhere)
Sue Warnke & Darren Allarde

Join us as Salesforce Director & Faithforce SF President Sue Warnke and Pastor Darren Allarde talk about Sue’s personal testimony, along with REAL ways to share your faith and invite people – whether friends, coworkers, or neighbors – to church!

How are you influencing the world around you?

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