Matching Funds

How to get started:

To get started, simply go to your Human Resource department or your company internal website to see if it has a donation matching program.  If it does, nominate Echo.Church to be part of the matched organization. Some companies have their own matching programs but many also work with Benevity, an organization matches companies with various non-profit organizations.  Echo.Church is a registered Benevity charity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Tax Identification Number?
Our Tax Identification Number is 22-3979908.  Echo.Church is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization.
What is Benevity?
Benevity is an organization matches companies with various charities.   Echo.Church is a registered charity with Benevity. Therefore, if your company does work with Benevity, Echo.Church may be on the list of charities that are available for you to choose from.  Visit your company internal website or for more details.
I work for some of the companies listed above? What should I do?
Please go to your company internal matching program site OR your company registered Benevity site.  Please choose Echo.Church from the list.
My company has a matching program through Benevity and/or other similar organizations but Echo.Church is not on the list, what should I do?
You can nominate Echo.Church to be your charity.  Your company may have certain criteria that we may need to meet in order to qualify Echo.Church to be a registered charity. If you need any help in filling out the paperwork, please contact
My company does not support religious related activities, should I still try?
Echo.Church strives to provide a welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of his/her religious belief. We provide various non-religious related programs throughout the year. Upon the company’s request, the matched donation can be directed to non-religious programs.  To obtain a copy of our written policy, please contact

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