Invite Others to Mother’s Day at Echo

Get practical tips and tools you can use to invite others to Mother’s Day at Echo.

Tips for Inviting Others

Don’t overthink it! Use words that feel natural to how you speak.

Focus on inviting people from your communities outside of church, like your:

  • Coworkers
  • Neighbors
  • Interest-based groups (e.g., book club)
  • People at your gym

Digital forms of communication make it much easier to reach out to people. Consider extending your invitation in the following ways:

  • During a hangout or Zoom
  • Text or call
  • Email
  • Social media DM
  • Share Echo’s social media posts (@echochurchlive on Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
Think about a specific issue the person you want to invite might be struggling with, and frame your invitation around that need.

A Note on Responses

If they accept, that’s great! If you’re available, attend or watch the Sunday message at the same time as the person you invited. Then check in with them afterwards on their thoughts. If they decline, don’t feel bad! Continue to establish a relationship with the person, and keep praying for them.

Posting on Social Media

One way you can invite others to Mother’s Day at Echo is to create your own social posts.

Resources for Mother’s Day

Share the word on social media with these images. Simply right click and download the images.

Graphic for Posts

Graphics for Stories

Sample Captions for Mother’s Day

I’d like to invite you to join me on Sunday, May 14, for Mother’s Day at Echo.Church! It will be fun community experience celebrating all women on Mother’s Day! Would the [TIME] service at [CAMPUS] at work for you?
You’re invited to @echochurchlive on Sunday, May 14, for Mother’s Day at Echo.Church! Check out for locations and times, or feel free to DM me with any questions. Hope you’ll join me!

Share with a Friend

Hey [name]! Come join me on Sunday, May 14, for Mother’s Day at Echo.Church! Would you be interested in joining me at [TIME and LOCATION]?

Share in a Community Forum or Group

Hey friends! Come join me on Sunday, May 14, for Mother’s Day at Echo.Church! I’ll be there at [TIME and LOCATION]? Let me know if any of you are interested in coming along — I’d love to save you a seat!

Facebook Events

Engaging with our Facebook events is another simple way to invite your friends to Mother’s Day at Echo. Here’s how:


Click Going, and the event will start to show up on your friends’ newsfeeds.

2. Invite

Click the Invite button next to invite your friends! You can even invite entire groups at a time, based on Facebook’s suggested lists.

3. Share

Click the arrow button to easily share the event by posting it, sending it to someone specific, sharing it with a group, and more.

Facebook Events

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