You Asked For It: Resources

Got questions? Great! It’s healthy to ask questions, challenge, and explore faith – and here at Echo, we encourage everyone to dive deeper on tough topics.

Here are a few resources addressing your top-voted questions, including ones not covered in our You Asked For It series.

Looking for someone to talk to?

1.  Come check out Alpha, a weekly group where you can explore life’s biggest questions in a safe and open space with others.

2.  Or, reach out to your nearest campus pastor who would be more than happy to connect with you personally.

How do I find purpose / know God's will for my life?

Can you believe both in creation and evolution? Do science and faith conflict?

Why do Christians assert that Jesus is really the only way, and why should I believe this as opposed to all other faiths and walks?

How can I find balance in my emotional and spiritual life?

What does the Bible say about the end of the world?

Does the Bible Predict the End of the World? – video from the Bible Project

Last Days – article from Bible Info

What happens after we die? Are my loved ones in heaven? Will we meet again?

How can God be real and loving when there's so much suffering happening in the world?

Making Sense Out of Suffering – book by Peter Kreeft

Walking with God through Pain and Suffering – book by Timothy Keller

Searching Issues: Tough Questions, Straight Answers – book by Nicky Gumbel

A Grief Observed & The Problem of Pain – books by C.S. Lewis

If God Is Good: Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil – book by Randy Alcorn

If God, Why Evil? – presentation by Julie Miller

How does free will play into God's predetermined plans?

How can the church be more known for their love than the hate we see in the news today?

Disagreeing Without Dividingmessage by Andy Wood (Separation of Church & Hate)

The Church in Babylon: Heeding the Call to Be a Light in the Darkness – book by Erwin Lutzer

Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation – book by Latasha Morrison

How can Christians be supportive of their homosexual friends and family?

Identity+? (Sexuality, Gender Identity, & Christianitymessage by Andy Wood (Separation of Church & Hate)

Identity+? (Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, & Christianity) – #AskPastorAndy LIVE Q&A

What Does the Bible Say About LGBTQ+?message by Andy Wood (You Asked For It 2018)

Why should we wait to have sex/ live together until we are married?

Why is God not answering my prayers and seem to be distant?

Can you lose your salvation?

Can You Lose Your Salvation? – article from Crosswalk

Can a Christian Lose Salvation? article from GotQuestions

How does the Trinity work – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? How are they different / similar?

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