Hey, hey!

I’ve got GOOD NEWS for you today.

Jesus is knocking! He is inviting Himself into your life.

How do I know? Because He said so.

Revelation 3:20:

“Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.”

Recently, I’ve been meditating on this verse for my prayer times. There is a picture that helps me imagine Jesus knocking on the door. I want you to stare at it for a moment. The handle is only on one side of the door: your side.

I want you to imagine Him knocking, and you deciding to let Him in. That simple act of opening the door of your heart to Him is huge.

Intercession flows out of friendship. How can you know how to pray for what God wants if you don’t know Him?

As you pray today, I’d like to ask you to pray that He would help you get to know Him.

Pray that He would break your heart for the things that break His heart.

Pray that He would help you take seriously the things He takes seriously.

You can pray something like this:

“Jesus, I’m glad you want to do life with me today. I open the door of my heart to you. Would you please help me to care about the things you care about? Help my priorities shift to your priorities. I surrender my life to you today. I pray that throughout the course of the day today, you would show me where you are at work. Help me to intercede all throughout the day today for my family, my friends, my classmates, my teachers, my co-workers, and the world around me.”

Now, today as you go about your day, try to notice and take these moments of prayer into the rest of your day.

I love you my friend! Praying for God’s blessing on your life today.

Pastor Andy


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