Colossians 4:2: Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind, and a thankful heart.”

Happy Sunday! Today is the day The Lord has made. Let’s make a choice to rejoice, and be glad in it!

Today I’d like to focus on our minds during prayer. Have you ever noticed how much your mind tends to drift during prayer? Come on, be honest… It’s hard to stay focused. I was previously diagnosed with ADHD. It’s hard for me to stay focused for long periods of time on just one thing. Paul tells us in Colossians 4:2 to be devoted to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart.

Yesterday, we focused on gratitude in prayer. Today, let’s focus on an alert mind. 

So, to start, let’s try to put away distractions. Maybe close all the apps on your device right now, aside from the one you’re reading this on.

Ask the Lord to give you a clear, focused mind. Ask Him to help you think correctly. Ask Him to help you be attentive mentally to what He is doing around you. 

I have found that God tends to speak me through my mind and my heart together. When my mind is full or distracted, I hear Him less, and I intercede less.

One practice that helps me is to have a small pad of paper next to me as I pray, so that I can write down things that come to mind. Oftentimes I’ll even draw out little lines or boxes to help him distinguish the things I need to do later as well as the things that God is speaking to me in the moment.

 Ask Him to bless your awareness today – that you would see correctly and make your thoughts a matter of prayer today.

You might pray along these lines, while you make the words your own…

“Father, today I ask that you would bless my mind. Give me an alert mind. Help me have wisdom to put down the things that are distractions to my mind. I choose to focus on you and what you are saying to me. Please speak to me throughout the day. Please help me turn my thoughts to prayers.

Please bless our church today and speak through the service to many people. Please help many people who are lost and hurting return home to your heart today!

In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Thanks for praying with me today! Wish I could give you a fist bump, elbow bump, bow, foot tap or a hug… whichever you’d prefer.

 Love you guys so much, and I’m glad I get to be your pastor.

By the way, next time we see each other, if you want a hug just walk up and give me a hug. But, please don’t try to kiss me.

 With love,

Pastor Andy

Comment below with your prayers, reflections, and whatever is on your heart as we pray together today.

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