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Today, we are going to focus on a very powerful prayer from Paul’s letter to The Colossians.

Before we pray, can we just acknowledge what a gift it is to have The Bible? It is filled with so many good things, including these beautiful prayers from the heart of God. The Bible contains the power to shape our hearts and change our minds because it is inspired by God. It is God’s Word to us.

How amazing is it that God loved us enough to give us a Book and His Holy Spirit in order to know Him?

The other night, I was having a meal with one of our pastors, and He shared a story about a follower of Jesus who traveled overseas to pass out Bibles. This man had to smuggle Bibles because it was illegal to have a Bible in that country. When he began to pass out the Bibles, he noticed that people were ripping the Bibles as they distributed them.

The man was frustrated… until he realized that they were passing them out to be memorized. One woman was going to memorize Colossians, one man got Ephesians, and so on.

We have the whole thing, and we have it on our phones! Praise God!! Let’s thank Him for those who sacrificed so we can read and pray The Bible from the comfort of our homes.

 I love this prayer from Paul. Let’s read it together.

Colossians 4:3-6: “Pray for us, too, that God will give us many opportunities to speak about his mysterious plan concerning Christ. That is why I am here in chains.”

Okay, let’s read it one more time. Read back through, and let God speak to you one more time about the verse. Circle or highlight the words that stick out.

I love the request for opportunities to speak about Jesus. God is the one who opens doors in people’s hearts. I’ve prayed this prayer before jumping into Lyfts or onto airplanes. I’ve noticed that when I pray this prayer, things change, and I get more opportunities to share about Jesus.

Let’s take a moment to pray for opportunities!!

“Lord, we acknowledge that you want to reveal yourself through us! Thank you for the privilege I have to speak about you to people. I pray today that you would open doors for me to share your Good News with others. Please send opportunities my way and give me eyes to see them when you do. I love you, Lord Jesus.

In Jesus’ name I pray! Amen.”

I would love to know how God is using these prayers in your life. Please comment here so that I can hear from you!

With love,

Pastor Andy

Comment below with your prayers, reflections, and whatever is on your heart as we pray together today.

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