Jan 14



It’s not uncommon for me to subconsciously rank what I should bring to God in prayer. Parenting and marriage and work — important. Underlying anxiety or stress or fear — less important. I don’t want to waste His time, and sometimes, I have a hard time understanding just how much He cares. 

Thank goodness that though we are made in God’s image, He is not limited like us. We tend to project certain images of humanity on God, but He is not like us. He never runs out of time, and He never gets tired of hearing from us. He is infinitely faithful and loving. He sees all the details of our lives, and Jesus points out to us that God cares specifically for the birds and the flowers — yet I can think that my thoughts and cares are inconsequential.Not only is that line of thinking untrue, but also, it can keep me from closeness and connectedness with God. Though He already knows everything, when I willingly bring all of my worries and fears and stressors before Him, I am allowing Him access into spaces that need His power and His healing. When I pray personal, detailed prayers, I am choosing to trust that God is a personal, detailed God. The more I trust this, the more solidified these truths become in my heart and mind. Though God doesn’t always do exactly what I think He should do with the prayers I pray, He listens. And He sees. And He is always working. So why would we not trust Him with every single detail?

Jesus told His followers to knock, seek, ask, and repeat. He says that his Father, God, loves to give good gifts to us, His children. So we should keep praying, persistently, about all that is in our hearts and minds. A perfect Father loves to hear from His children, even as He always knows what’s best, and God is always a perfect Father to us. Perhaps it is a new practice to bring every question or stressor or worry or celebration to God in prayer, but it’s worth the effort. He cares for you, every detail. Don’t leave anything out.


“God, help remind my heart to pray instead of getting worried, to pray instead of getting angry, to pray instead of distracting myself. Thank you for caring intimately about all of us. I believe that You can be trusted with all of the details of my life and that You are working in me and around me as I pray.

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