Table Groups

Grow in faith, connect in friendships, and make a difference with your life.

Table Groups

Grow in faith, connect in friendships, and make a difference with your life.

Whether you’re exploring Christianity or have followed Jesus for a while, Table Groups are one of the best ways to grow in faith, connect in friendships, and make a difference with your life.

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The table is one of the most important places for human connection — it’s where we share a meal or a cup of coffee. See each other eye-to-eye. Where we discuss, debate, and laugh together. That’s why for the fall semester, we are renaming Echo Groups to Table Groups — opportunities for us to come to the table to discuss the Explore God teaching series. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover who God is, who we are, and what our purpose is — together!

Groups in Session

Sep 10 – Nov 5

Fall 2023
Table Groups

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Aug 13 – Sep 10

Groups in Session

Sep 10 – Nov 5

Explore God

This fall, Echo.Church is joining hundreds of churches for Explore God — a teaching series designed to create space for people to discuss big questions about God, faith, and purpose.

During the series, we’ll unite around these themes across every department — including echoKIDS, Students, Young Adults — to dive into these topics together.

Explore God isn’t just a Sunday-only experience. This fall, every Echo Group will discuss what we’re learning in the Explore God series.


Groups range in size and topic, reflecting a diverse variety of passions and interests.


They run in semester cycles (fall, spring, and summer), so you can easily explore different topics based on your current season.


You can join an in-person group (we encourage you to find one near where you live) and virtual group. The meeting cadence also varies per group. And, you can join in at any time!

More About Table Groups

Whether you are exploring faith in God, are a new believer, or you are a long-time, committed follower of Jesus, we believe you will both enjoy and benefit from becoming a part of an Echo Table Group. Our groups typically consist of eight to 15 people that meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in different locations around the Bay Area. They are one of the best ways to grow in your faith, build friendships with others, and impact the community.

Joining a Table Group helps you experience the benefits of being connected within a community of faith. 

Yes, but we encourage you to join a table group closest to where you live or the campus you attend since that will make it easier for you to experience long-term friendships and connection with those in your group.

No, all groups are free, with the exception of when there’s a cost for curriculum or supplies related to your group. In those cases, the cost will be mentioned in your group description. This fall, all Table Groups will follow the Explore God curriculum, which is free.

Groups in spring and fall usually run for a four-month period (semester cycle). However, summer groups start in early June and conclude at the end of July. If groups have already launched, you are welcome to join mid-semester. Though our groups run in semester cycles, many of them meet long-term, giving you the option to continue in your group semester to semester or switch groups based on your season of life.

Some groups offer childcare, which would be noted in the group description. In those cases there might be a small fee.

Host a Table Group

There’s still time to sign up to host a table group! Help create space for others to have important conversations about God, faith, and purpose.


If you have questions or need help, let us know!

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