Talk it Over

A conversation guide for small groups and personal growth

An amazing Easter experiences at all of our campuses for you, your family, and friends!

In a world burdened by pressures and heaviness, we sometimes find ourselves seeking solutions that leave us even more hopeless than when we began. This series is a challenge to embrace Jesus’s way, which shows us that real rest, freedom, and a life of influence are often found in embracing the right tensions instead of letting go of them.

We often find ourselves working hard but producing little, gaining much but feeling empty, or consuming more yet being less satisfied. Join us as we dive into the words of Haggai, an ancient prophet who challenges us to consider a different way of living — the way that leads to God’s blessing and favor.

We live in a culture in which people are often fearful of commitment, unfamiliar with devotion, and quick to cancel whatever makes them uncomfortable. However, most blessings are on the other side of perseverance, and most miracles only unfold with courageous devotion and commitment. Join us for our new teaching series as we unpack the benefits of becoming people whose values, commitments, and words are not easily broken

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